Facts You Might Not Know About Star Wars

Facts You Might Not Know About Star Wars

Dec 11
Facts You Might Not Know About Star Wars

With the latest Star Wars movie coming out soon, it’s a great time to talk about this amazing movie series and the fascinating facts that many moviegoers don’t know!

Jabba The Hut = Seven Men

Jabba the Hut is actually a puppet! Three puppeteers have to be inside of the massive creation, two work the eyes, another works the “lungs” and one blow cigar smoke to make it appear that he’s smoking! Talk about a team effort!

What Do The Lead Singer Of Toto & Star Wars Have In Common?

Most Americans would at least recognize the song “Africa” by Toto if it came on the radio. But what most people don’t know is that Joseph Williams, the lead singer of Toto, wrote the final victory song that was sung by the Ewoks!

Lions, Bears, and Walrus, OH MY!

No, the sounds that Chewbacca makes aren’t human. Instead, the sound team mixed noises made by lions, bears, walrus, and badgers to create the signature growls!

What Is Yoda?

At the time that this article is being written, Yoda’s species has never been identified. But now that The Mandalorian is being released, many are wondering if that will change!

Darth Vader And George Lucas Are Enemies IRL

The actor David Prowse who did the body acting for Darth Vader annoyed George Lucas so much that he is officially banned from all official Star Wars events!

Harrison Ford Beat Out Several Famous Actors

Al Pacino, Jack Nicolson, and Christopher Walken were all in the running to be cast as Han Solo. Could you imagine a Han Solo that isn’t Harrison Ford? Ford was only cast because he was brought in to feed the auditioning actors their lines – and they picked him instead!

Obi Wan Kenobi Was Supposed To Live

In the original script, Obi Wan Kenobi lives after his fight with Dark Vader. This fact wasn’t made public until 2016 when Peter Mayhew tweeted out pictures of the original script!

Mark Hamill Got Paid WHAT?

Did you know that Mark Hamill only got paid $1000 a week to play Luke Skywalker? He did make out in the end though since he was entitled to one quarter of one percent of the films profits.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about the Star Wars universe! Come back next month for other trivia post.

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