Facts About Halloween

Facts About Halloween

Oct 15
Facts About Halloween

Do you enjoy anything about Halloween? Do you have a list of your next five outfits ready to go? With these fun Halloween facts, you can learn more about your favorite holiday!

Things You May Not Know About Halloween

Do you know these fun facts about Halloween?

Turnips Instead Of Pumpkins?

Did you know that the original jack-o-lanterns were constructed out of turnips by the Irish to ward off a figure known as Stingy Jack? According to legend, Stingy Jack made a bargain with the Devil after catching him so that he wouldn’t go to hell when he died. When he died, however, Heaven refused to allow him enter, and he is destined to roam the earth alone.

Low Budget Movie Resulted In Iconic Look

Do you remember how many times you’ve seen the movie Halloween? When the film was being made, the crew was given a very limited budget and told to locate a mask – any mask – for Mike Myers’ role. Someone discovered an ancient Star Trek mask that was designed to look like William Shatner while searching around! They used it in the end, and the rest is history!

Bone Fires or Bonfires?

Some individuals make it a practice to enjoy a nice campfire after trick-or-treating on Halloween. Did you know, though, that it wasn’t originally named a bonfire? Druid priests used to throw cattle bones into the fire, which was known as a “bone fire.”

Just What Is A Trick Anyway?

Children used to earn their reward by performing a trick, such as reading a poem, singing a song, or performing another skill.

Find Your Husband On Halloween

Many women in the 1700s engaged in a variety of activities in order to learn more about their prospective husbands. Some women would throw apple peels over their shoulders to reveal the initials of their future spouses. Others would hold a wet sheet in front of the fire, hoping to see the silhouette of their future husband.

Boston, All Lit Up!

Boston presently holds the global record for lighting the most Jack-O-Lanterns at once, with a total of 30, 128!

Calories, Calories, Calories

On average, a bag of Halloween candy gathered by a youngster has almost 11,000 calories! Let’s hope the candy lasts as long as possible!

Your Pumpkin Doesn’t Have To Be Orange!

Although orange is the traditional color, pumpkins come in many varieties and you can even grow blue, green, and white pumpkins!

Trick Or Treating Was Halted In World War II

During WWII many supplies had to be rationed, including sugar. This resulted in many candy companies halting their production and as a result, trick or treating was canceled.

Your Pumpkin May Have Come From Illinois

Illinois is recognized for producing more pumpkins than any other state, with a total of 1,500 acres dedicated to the production of our fantastic future jack-o-lanterns.

America Loves Halloween

Every year, an average of 86% of homeowners and renters will decorate for Halloween!

What’s The Top Halloween Candy?

The answer might surprise you – the most popular Halloween candy is Skittles!

Hopefully, you and your loved ones have a safe and fun Halloween this year! Enjoy your treats, bonfires, and costumes!

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