Facts About Star Wars That Might Surprise You

Facts About Star Wars That Might Surprise You

May 01
Facts About Star Wars That Might Surprise You

It’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t seen Star Wars. The films have captivated millions over a span of decades and super fans can’t get enough of the little details. Let’s check out some of the coolest facts about Star Wars:

James Earl Jones Worked Less Than A Day

James Earl Jones was able to complete all of his work in two and a half hours and he only made $7500 for his role. Wouldn’t it be great to make that much for less than three hours worth of work AND becomes one of the most famous villains of all time?

20th Century Fox Forced Theaters To Show Star Wars & Got Fined For It

20th Century Fox was releasing a movie that was projected to be a bit hit called The Other Side Of Midnight. When less than 40 theaters agreed to show Star Wars, 20th Century Fox told theaters that they couldn’t show The Other Side Of Midnight if they wouldn’t also show Star Wars.

Ultimately, Star Wars blew up and became a hit, but 20th Century Fox was fined $25,000 for forcing theaters to show the movie.

Yoda Had A First Name

In the screenplay, Yoda was originally called “Buffy” and then was named “Minch Yoda”. Then it was shortened to just Yoda.

Harrison Ford Ad Libbed His Most Famous Line

Nearly everyone loves the moment when Princess Leia tells Han Solo “I love you” right before he is frozen in carbonite, but did you know that he was supposed to say “I love you too”? Instead, Ford replied “I know” and everyone agreed it was a better fit for the character.

It Took 7 Puppeteers To Be Jabba The Hutt

It’s no secret that Jabba the Hutt is enormous. He was so large that three puppeteers were inside of the character, and four more controlled various body parts outside of the costume.

What Sounds Make Up Chewbacca’s Noises?

It took a variety of animal sounds to create the noises that Chewbacca makes when speaking, including lions, bears, walruses, and badgers.

In The Original Screenplay R2-D2 Was Rude

In the original screenplay, R2-D2 spoke in full sentences just like C3PO but he was rude and regularly insulted C3PO.

Chewbacca Had To Be Guarded During Filming

At one point filming took place in the California redwood forest. Because Chewbacca could have been mistaken for a bear, guards were hired to constantly be near him when filming wasn’t going on. The guards were dressed in bright colors to prevent hunters from shooting.

Chewbacca Was Inspired By George Lucas’ Dog

George Lucas has an Alaskan Malamute that he loved. Not only did this dog inspire Lucas to create Chewbacca, but the dog’s name was used in another famous movie. What was his name? Indiana.

The Actor Who Physically Played Darth Vader Was Banned From Star Wars Events

David Prowse was upset that James Earl Jones had been hired to voice Darth Vader and reportedly called the decision “reverse racism”. Over the years he upset George Lucas so much that Lucas banned him from all Star Wars related events in 2010.

A Rainstorm 50 Years In The Making Runied The First Day Of Filming

The first day of filming took place in Tunisia, which was where the scenes for Tatooine were filmed. On the first day, the country had its first major rainstorm in 50 years and the shoot was canceled.

Whatever your opinion is about the finished product, you have to admit how amazing it is that so many people (and animals) influenced Star Wars as we know it today.

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