Beam Me Up

Beam Me Up

Dec 04
Beam Me Up

OK, to go with the admission that I’m a Jets fan, I’m also a Trekkie from way back.  So here comes a tidbit that has to be true because one would have to be way more creative than me to make something like this up.

In Season 3, Episode 2, The Enterprise Incident, Captain Kirk schemes to steal a cloaking (or stealth) device from the Romulans.  Well, Capt. Kirk finally got his cloaking device.  Oh, not that Capt. Kirk…

Trekkie Trivia

Or even the new Capt. Kirk…

James T. Kirk 2 Trekkie Trivia

But rather this Capt. Kirk…Trekkie Trivia

It seems that the Navy has just launched this week a completely new, and very futuristic looking, destroyer named the Zumwalt.  This new destroyer is designed, like the B2 bomber, to have a very small radar signature, to be stealthy, or in the parlance of Star Trek, to be “cloaked”.

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And who did the Navy choose to command this first ship capable of being cloaked, Capt. James A. Kirk.  Note the middle initial, “A.”  Any trekkie, such as I, knows  immediately that THE Capt. Kirk’s middle initial is “T.”, not “A.”  But this is so close as to be almost spooky.  One has to wonder if the good captain’s parents were trekkies to give him a name so close to that of the hero of the Star Trek.

Having the trekkie bug can run deep.  President Gerald Ford chose as the name for the very first Space Shuttle Enterprise.  The very first space shuttle was originally planned to be named Constitution and to be unveiled on Constitution Day, Sept. 17th, 1976.  However, a letter writing campaign by dedicated trekkies (NO, I did not participate) swayed the president’s choice to Enterprise, in honor of the fictional Starship Enterprise from the Star Trek show.  On Sept. 17th, 1976, when the Enterprise was presented to the world, NASA invited Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the Star Trek series, and most of the principal cast of the original series to the dedication ceremony.

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