Facts About The Human Body That Will Surprise You

Facts About The Human Body That Will Surprise You

Apr 27
Facts About The Human Body That Will Surprise You

The human body – we all have one. Despite being deeply intimate with our own bodies, there are still a bunch of facts that will likely surprise and amaze you about the human body! 

The Most Amazing Facts About The Human Body 

Surprise your friends and family with these little known facts about the human body: 

A Blushing Tummy 

When someone gets excited or embarrassed, they blush. But did you know that when your cheeks blush, the inside of your stomach does too? No one really understands why!

Humans Are Bioluminescent 

The human body is constantly undergoing various chemical reactions. These chemical reactions actually give off light which means that we literally glow. This glow rises and falls throughout the day. 

Keep The Beat 

Researchers in Italy have studied the impact that music has on the human body, specifically the heart. What they found was that the fast a tempo, the higher the heart rate. If the volume of the music is too loud, it can also disrupt your heartbeat. Keep that in mind the next time you go to a concert! 

Miles And Miles 

If you took all of the blood vessels out of your body and stretched them out in a single line, you would have more than 100,000 miles of blood vessels. How crazy is that? 

Make An Arrest Because Of The Tongue

Most people understand that their fingerprints are unique but did you know that your tongue print is also unique? Imagine the police having a set of records on the prints of everyone’s tongue, just in case a crime was committed involving the mouth! 

Extra Weight That Is Necessary 

When most people think of bacteria they think of infection and illness. But there are good bacteria as well, bacteria that are necessary for various bodily functions. In fact, there are so many bacteria in our bodies that on average, four pounds of our weight it considered bacteria. 

There Is A Reason Human’s Don’t Graze 

You might think that the only reason we don’t eat grass is that we don’t like the taste, after all, it’s just another plant and humans eat plants every day. But the truth is that humans are unable to digest grass. We would need more than one stomach for that, like a cow. 

When Does A Human Get Thirsty? 

From a personal perspective, everyone has experienced thirst at some point in their lives. But how does your body know when it’s time to trigger thirst? Well, scientists have found that the average person becomes thirsty when they have lost 1% of their water weight. 

Inhale, Exhale

On any given day you inhale and exhale around 23,000 times. 

Forget Shedding Dogs – You Shed Even More! 

On average, a person sheds 600,000 particles of skin per hour. This equals about 1.5 pounds of skin each year. In fact, the dust bunnies under your bed are likely largely composed of your own skin. 

Nails … and Nails 

Fingernails grow four times faster than toenails. As for a different kind of nail – your body contains enough iron in it to create one three-inch nail. 

Do You Love Megapixels? 

Photographers are always looking for the newest camera and part of improvements include an increase in the number of megapixels. But did you know that your own eyes would be 576 megapixels? This is far more when compared to the most expensive camera in the world which only has 200 megapixels. 

We’ve Got As Many Hair Follicles As A Chimp 

At one point in history, humans had a lot more hair than we do now. There are many theories as to why we no longer have fur coats – that it helps us sweat better or that it helps prevent fleas and ticks. Whatever the reason, the fact is that we still have the same number of hair follicles as a chimpanzee, we just don’t grow fur the same way. Typically, our hair is very light and fine. 

Now go and impress your friends with your knowledge about the human body!

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