Learn About Sharks With These Interesting Facts

Learn About Sharks With These Interesting Facts

Dec 01
Learn About Sharks With These Interesting Facts

It’s summertime and millions of Americans will be making their way down to the shore to spend time in the ocean. As water temperatures rise and many take to the water, there will likely be a sharp increase in the number of shark sightings, spreading fear through vacationers. Learning about sharks and what makes them tick can help to relieve that fear and may also help to prevent unwanted contact. 

Fascinating Facts About Sharks 

Ready to dive into shark facts? 

Sharks Can See Colors

Sharks have great eyesight and can see a multitude of colors. In addition to this, most shark species have great night vision. Low light won’t bother a shark! 

Sharks Grow Rings Like A Tree

How do you know how old a shark is? Well, there are various ways to estimate a shark’s age but one method that scientists use is to count rings on the vertebrae. As a shark grows, bands form on the vertebrae. Although it’s not entirely accurate, it can be used to give an approximate age depending on the shark species. 

Whale Sharks Dots Are 100% Unique 

The massive whale shark is covered in spots. Each of those spots is 100% unique, as unique as the human fingerprint. 

Sharks Kill Before They Are Born 

Some shark species do give birth and often, the shark embryos kill and eat one another before being born. Only one or two of the strongest survive. 

Some Sharks Can Survive In Fresh Water 

 Sharks don’t just live in the ocean – there are species that have adapted to live in fresh water. Bull sharks have been known to swim up rivers and attacks have happened. Other species like the river shark, have been found in fresh water in South Asia and Australia. 

Sharks Can Reproduce Asexually 

There are documented cases of female sharks reproducing without a male partner. At first, scientists assumed the female had stored male sperm but when DNA testing was performed on the pups, they discovered that only DNA from the mother was present. Who needs a man anyway?

Sharks Are Completely Silent 

Unlike other sea creatures, sharks do not have vocal cords and so do not make any noises. Their method of communication? Body language. 

A Tiger Shark Will Eat Almost Anything

When scientists perform autopsies on tiger sharks, they find pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. A few things found in the stomach of a tiger shark include license plates, tires, cameras, shoes, and other odd objects! 

Sharks Have Survived At Least 5 Extinction Events 

Sharks have existed for over 400 millions years, long before dinosaurs roamed the earth and long after. In fact, they’ve survived at least 5 major extinction events! 

Most Sharks Won’t Harm A Human 

The majority of shark species aren’t physically able to harm a human – a full 97% in fact. For example, the smallest shark, the Dwarf Lantern Shark, is about the size of a large goldfish! 

Most Shark Attacks Aren’t Fatal

Although shark attacks can cause serious physical damage, about 90% of all victims survive the attack. Scientists speculate that this is because the shark realizes that the human isn’t the type of prey it intended to catch, like a seal or turtle. 

Humans Are The Biggest Threat To The Shark 

The fishing industry has really taken a toll on various shark species, killing almost 90% of some species. In some countries, shark meat is a regular meal and are overfished. If action isn’t taken soon, these sharks could become extinct. 

Shark Week on Discovery Channel is coming this July – tune in to learn more about these amazing apex predators!

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