Facts Everyone Will Love About Birds

Facts Everyone Will Love About Birds

Nov 15
Facts Everyone Will Love About Birds

Can you remember a day where you didn’t see a bird? No matter where you live in the world, birds are a daily sight, coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But not many people truly realize how amazing birds are! 

Ostriches Have The Biggest Eyes 

Unless you’ve been up close to an ostrich, you may not realize how large their eyes actually are. The eye of an ostrich is about the same size as a billiard ball and is even larger than its brain! 

Scientists believe that this is so these giant (and fast) birds can see predators approaching from a long-distance away. When combined with their long necks, they are essentially like a walking telescope! 

Which Bird Was Domesticated First? 

Historians believe that the first domesticated bird was the goose, raised for the dinner table. But ancient Egyptians are believed to have tamed the first parrots, making them the first birds to be kept as pets. Ancient hieroglyphics depict these pets, which also included doves. 

The Average Hummingbird Weighs…. 

Everyone knows that hummingbirds are small, but did you know that most hummingbirds are SO tiny that they weigh less than a nickel? That being said, there is a “giant” hummingbird – this enormous example weighs about 24 grams – about a handful of change! 

People Love Swiftlet Nests 

Some variety of swiftlets actually make nests out of their own hardened saliva. Although the nests don’t actually have much flavor and offer zero nutritional value, some countries believe the nest to be a delicacy and serve it for dinner! The next time you’re in China, look for swiftlet soup! 

The Longest Tail Ever Recorded 

When you think of the longest feather ever discovered on a bird you might picture a peacock or some exotic species. But the longest feather ever discovered and recorded was 34.7 feet long – on a CHICKEN. This particular chicken resided in Japan and the feather was one of its tail feathers. 

Rain Forests Provide An Excellent Home For Birds

Although there are birds on every continent, nearly ⅔ of all bird species are found in the rain forest, which is just another reason why it’s important to understand why the destruction of the rain forest is such a big deal. Without their natural habitat, our world could lose thousands of bird species. 

Only The Ostrich Produces Urine 

Only the ostrich has a bladder like mammals to separate urine and feces – likely because it doesn’t need to be more lightweight in order to fly. Every other bird species simply eliminates waste through the white pasty substance you see on your car when they use it as target practice. 

You Might Not Be Able To Hear A Bird Singing 

Many bird species produce sounds that are too high for the human ear to hear. So they might be singing a lovely song – but you’ll never know it! 

Imagine 2 Gallons Of Water – In Your Mouth 

A pelican can scope up and carry up to 2.5 gallons of water in its mouth. The water is then pushed out and the pelican eats what is left behind. Imagine carrying that heavy weight in your mouth! 

The Wandering Albatross 

Not only can the Wandering Albatross live for up to 80 years, but it also has the largest wingspan of any bird species, with wings up to 11.8 feet across! With these immense wings, the albatross can fly for six hours without moving the wings once. 

Intense Stomach Acid 

Vultures, a bird known for scavenging its food, has stomach acid that is so powerful it can digest food – even if that food has been laced with anthrax. 

Do You Know What Anatidaephobia Is?

Anatidaephobia is when a person has the fear that a goose or a duck is constantly watching wherever they are, even if they are nowhere near water. 

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this interesting bird trivia! 

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