Amazing Facts About Cats

Amazing Facts About Cats

Mar 19
Amazing Facts About Cats

Whether or not you are a fan of America’s most popular pet, these facts about our furry feline companions with amaze you!

The Most Amazing Facts About Cats

At some point in everyone’s life, they have interacted with a cat. We all know they have amazingly sharp claws and teeth, the ability to hunt at night, and that their purr can be the sweetest sound after a bad day. But what you are about to learn may surprise you!

Stubbs The Cat: Mayor Of A Town In Alaska

In 1997, no humans wanted to run for mayor of a small town called Talkeetna. When someone jokingly wrote in a vote for Stubbs the cat – the town went with it. For nearly 20 years, Stubbs ruled from his home in Nagley’s Store as the honorary mayor of Talkeetna.

Cats Are Lactose Intolerant

For years people have been giving cats milk thinking it was good for them – but it turns out that cats, like many humans, are actually lactose intolerant. Stop giving them milk, it can cause serious GI upset.

Cats Can Make Over 100 Sounds

Unlike America’s other favorite pet, the dog, which can only make about 10 sounds, cats have a range of more than 100 sounds. But did you know that they only meow at humans? Cat’s typically don’t meow at each other!

Male Cats Are Left-Pawed and Females Are Right

Although this isn’t true 100% of the time, when tested, the vast majority of male cats prefer to use their left paw first and females their right.

The Feline Part Of The Brain That Controls Emotions Is The Same As Humans

You may think that your cat understands what you are feeling – and you may be right.

According to the Animal Behavior Chief at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, our brains are incredibly similar and our thought patterns are processed in the same way. Cats even have long-term and short-term memories – a fact that many cat owner can confirm.

Keep in mind that brain size does not determine intelligence – so when your cat outsmarts you, don’t feel bad – they are just smarter than you are!

Jumping Beans – Cats Can Jump Up To Six Times Their Own Length!

Thanks to the powerful muscles in their back legs, cats can jump up to six times their own length and also up to eight feet high!

Each Cat Nose Is Unique

Like human fingerprints, the cat nose has its own set of ridges and no two noses are the same.

Egyptians Moured The Family Cat

Ancient egyptians believed that cats were connected to the gods and often depicted their pet cat in hieroglyphics and statues. Some even mummified their cats to be placed with loved ones in a tomb. When a family cat died, the members of the family would clearly mourn the loss.

Got A Cat That Brings Home Dead Animals? It Thinks You’re Helpless

When a cat brings home a lizard, mouse, bird, or other dead creature, it may be trying to feed you but not out of affection – the cat thinks that you are a terrible hunter and unable to feed yourself. So yes, in a way, the cat is showing you that it cares.

Researchers Still Don’t Know How A Cat Purrs

That’s right! Despite being the subject of intense study, researchers and veterinarians still don’t understand how a cat generates a purr. However it happens, what is known is that the purr is on a frequency which actually promotes the healing of muscles and nerves.

The Saddest Fact Of All: Thousands Of Cats Are Euthanized In Shelters Each Year

Only about 24% of the cats that are brought to shelters each year are adopted. You can help out by visiting your local shelter and adopting a new family member today!

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