Pub Trivia: True Or False

Pub Trivia: True Or False

Jun 12

Swiss FlagTrue or false? Switzerland is a member state of the United Nations. True / On September 10, 2002, Switzerland became the 190th member of the United Nations.

The Turn Around

Switzerland joined the United Nations on September 10, 2002 after many years of refusing to join. When the United Nations was formed in 1945, the Swiss government chose not to join. The government believed that the organization was incompatible with the issue of neutrality. For this reason, the Swiss saw membership as an impossibility for them.

In 1986, the Swiss voted on the issue of joining the United Nations. Two thirds of the voters were against becoming members. Concerns included their military being forced into taking part in conflicts. This went against their stance on neutrality.

As the United Nations began increasing their membership, Switzerland began to understand that the disadvantages of not joining were increasing. These disadvantages continued to grow, and Switzerland was forced to make a decision in 2002.

Another vote in 2002 saw an increase in voters who supported joining the UN with 55% of voters in favor. It was after this vote that Switzerland submitted an official application for membership. This application was sent to and reviewed by the UN General Secretary.

Approval At Last

Finally, on September 10, 2002, the UN General Assembly approved Switzerland’s application to join. They became the 190th member of the United Nations. Though Switzerland has always been involved in political peace talks and neutrality issues, they have deepened their involvement since joining the United Nations.

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