Maine Trivia: What Kind of State Doesn’t Have Indigenous Poisonous Animals Anyway?

Maine Trivia: What Kind of State Doesn’t Have Indigenous Poisonous Animals Anyway?

Apr 21

Believe it or not, Maine doesn’t have any poisonous animals within its borders. Once upon a time, there were reports that the timber rattlesnake lived within the region. However, the state is simply too cold to support the lifestyles of these reptiles and they seem to have all died off. In fact, the last known sighting of a timber rattler within Maine’s borders occurred in 1901.

No Snakes On This Maine

Maine does have several species of snakes within its borders. According to Maine’s Department of Fisheries & Wildlife, the common garter snake is the most frequently encountered snake in the state. Since the milk snake is so similar in color to the timber rattler and is often seen in the wild, residents may worry that the lack of poisonous snakes within Maine’s borders is simply a myth. However, this mild reptile uses its similarity to the timber rattler to protect itself and is unable to produce toxins.

Just because there are no indigenous poisonous animals in Maine doesn’t mean that campers and hikers don’t have to keep a sharp eye out when wandering the many forested areas within the state. Maine has a large moose population and after their young are born they will aggressively defend them.

Shy Type Animals Still Linger

With its large acreage of natural areas, Maine supports a wide variety of predators on the ground and in the sky. While shy of humans, there are bobcats, Canadian lynx, and cougars roaming the hills. A population of gray wolves and coyotes hunts across the state, while the American eagle soars in the sky seeking its small prey. On hiking trails, tourists are warned to be wary of the many black bear that make their home in Maine.

As the northern most state in the lower 48, Maine offers glorious vistas of natural areas and plenty of ocean front. Residents enjoy nature’s bounty without any worry that the animals they encounter will be poisonous.

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