Fun Facts About The State Of Pennsylvania

Fun Facts About The State Of Pennsylvania

Sep 24
Fun Facts About The State Of Pennsylvania

Are you a Pennsylvania resident? How much do you know about the state you call home? It’s likely that some of the following fun facts will both amaze and surprise you!

Amazing Facts About Pennsylvania

Once, The Steelers And Eagles Were Combined Into One Team

When World War II was fought, both teams lost so many players that they were unable to compete. So instead of keeping fans waiting, the NFL combined the two teams into one, affectionately called the”Steagles”.

Despite their attempt, fans were not pleased and the combination only lasted one season.

Centralia, PA Has Been Burning For 50 Years

Once a mining town, Centralia, PA started to burn in 1962. Although no one is entirely sure how the fire started, it did spread to a coal seam. This means that the fire is under the homes and streets in the town and that carbon monoxide levels are unsafe.

Although many residents tried to put the fire out and attempted to stay in their homes, the ground reached nearly 900 degrees, dangerous gases filled basements, and many residents developed health problems. Houses also started to tilt due to sinkholes created by the fire.

Today, Centralia is a ghost town.


The state animal of Pennsylvania is the white-tailed deer which comes as a shock to many residents who view the deer as pests.

Rocky – An Unwanted Gift

The Rocky statue that sits outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art was given to the museum by Sylvester Stalone. Problem was – the museum didn’t want it! But it has stayed and is now a popular visiting spot for tourists.

Home Of The First Baseball Stadium

The first baseball stadium built was in Pittsburgh, PA in 1909, called Forbes Field. The stadium was in use by the Pittsburgh Pirates until 1970 when it closed.

In Hazelton, Ridiculous Laws Exist Regarding Soda

Did you know that in Hazelton, PA, there is a law that no one can sip from a carbonated drink while lecturing students? With a Penn State campus in town, one has to wonder how often this law is broken.

PA Loves Junk Food

Water Ice, Soft Pretzels, Cheesesteaks, and TastyKakes were all created in Pennsylvania!

Lions, Tigers, and Bears OH MY!

Benjamin Franklin founded the first zoo in the United States, the Philadelphia Zoo. Today, millions visit the zoo which works hard to preserve endangered species from around the globe.

If you aren’t a Pennsylvania native, be sure to plan your trip to this great state today! There are so many wonders to be found and this list is barely the tip of the iceberg!

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