Fads Trivia

Fads Trivia

May 22

In which decade of the twentieth century did each of these fads or fashions reach their height? A. Bathtub gin B. the beat generation C. Bra burning.

Fads Explained

A. Bathtub gin is a homemade spirit made from a concoction of cheap alcohol, water, essences, flavorings and, at times, essential oils.

Answer: 1920’s

The 1920s saw an increase in the consumption of alcohol and gin was the primary drink to be had at that time. The term was coined in reference to the poor quality of gin being made by topping off the alcohol with water and distilling and fermenting it in the bathtub.

B. The Beat Generation is an American cultural and literary movement famous for its portrayal of the human condition and a renunciation of materialism.

Answer: 1950’s

After World War II, the 1950s saw a time where young adults saw capitalism as damaging to the lives of the people. The founders of this movement include Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg who met at Columbia University.

C. Bra burning was a symbolic act meant to show women’s independence from men and a gesture to support women’s rights.

Answers: 1970’s

After the liberating decade of the 1960s, the feminist movement proceeded to move forward in the 1970s. The symbolic gesture of the bra burning came about when women tossed items, such as high heels and girdles in a trash can to do away with masculine oppression. It was rumored that the trash can was lit on fire.

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